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Well on May 18, 2016. I ordered FOR MY GIRLFRIEND who lives over 10 hrs away from me and I was unable to go be there for her birthday the 2 dozen premium red roses and a card with a message that I got from a George strait song so u know it was a romantic quote was set to be delivered sat may 21, 2016 @ 10:00am TX time when she received the arrangement there were only 18 red roses not the 24 that equal the 2 dozen and the card with the heart... Read more

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I ordered 64.00 worth of flowers on 4 30 for a funeral they never showed I called wanting my money back they said ten business days ! Here it is 5 21 no money I have called many times sick to death of this company I guess ill call the bbb my lawyer and the news im dead serious this is ridiculous get ready flowers express ! Add comment

I spent $111.28 on a flower order with large stuffed bear and Mylar balloons. What I received was a 5 inch bear and one Mylar Balloon. The flowers themselves were okay. I emailed to request a refund and no one responded. They already had my money so why bother? I called and was told they could give me a $10 refund and $50 store credit. I asked to speak with a supervisor who said she could give me a $30 refund and $100 store credit then put me on... Read more

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I ordered flowers same day they never arrived next day I talk to them they told me they would give me same-day delivery and make it an upgrade they didn't deliver that one either when I called back they told me they would put money back in my account seven days it's been 5 weeks. I did receive an email asking if I want to use my credit for flowers. Total joke Add comment

BUYER BEWARE!!!!! Terrible, awful company and service. Extremely Disappointed and dissatisfied. I paid $85 for a bouquet for my mother to have for mothers day. Arrived a day late and looked like a $10 grocery STORE bunch. DO NOT USE/ NOT A GOOD PLACE TO ORDER FROM !!!!! Add comment

I am another victim of this terible terible company, I wish I had researched this company first before I used them. I ordered flowers for my brothers funeral they were never delivered, I have also received emails from Wesley Berry Flowers, not sure if it's the same company but they have refused to answer my emails as well. I will be submitting a FBI fruad report, and will try and claim my money back from my bank, I am also finding every review... Read more

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I was on the phone with this company for over an hour yesterday to order flowers for a funeral. They came up with 3 different prices and even attempted to order something I didn't ask for. They tried to process my credit card before they even gave me a final price. Thank goodness they took my credit card information wrong and I received a Fraud Alert from my CC company. They attempted to process the payment twice even though I told them to... Read more

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I was very disappointed with the flowers that I ordered. The picture was beautiful and I even paid extra for the "deluxe". I could have gotten better at Walmart for $9.99. The flowers were AWFUL. They were left on the front porch in a box the day BEFORE they were scheduled to be delivered, and then they were not arranged, only thrown in the box.  I was embrassed that I had even sent them.  I will never use this service again. ... Read more

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My husband purchased an order from this company on 05/05/2016 to be delivered to me on 05/06/2016 before Mother's Day. The order confirmation shows the amount charged to our debit card was $73.23 but the amount taken from our bank account was $73.96. Also, 05/06/2016 rolls around and no delivery. Next day, no delivery, Monday no delivery! Meanwhile calls were placed to the company since no delivery on 05/06/2016. No one answers the phone,... Read more

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My future daughter in law ordered flowers for me for Mother's Day. She was originally told they would be delivered on Sunday, but the company overextended themselves and couldn't get them to me on Mother's Day, so they told my daughter in law that they'd get the flowers to me ASAP and upgrade the arrangement to make up for the mistake. I got the flowers on the Tuesday after Mother's Day, at 8:00 at night, and if the arrangement I received is... Read more

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