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Uh oh. Looks like I checked this site too late.

I'm going through the exact same thing everyone else on this site has gone through. No delivery on date promised and they give you the run around when trying to get answers. This place is a scam. It's nothing more than a website designed to take your money and then I think they try to get a local florist to deliver some flowers at the cheapest price possible.

I'm sure the local florists don't want to deal with these clowns. I know I never will again.

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It looks like I made many typos. I guess I was upset.


I requested a refund. Well guess what? They refuned me and then they charged me again. That's 2 charges and one refund. WTF?

Then they insult me and offer me a discount on new order. Are they so dense that they can't see how upset I was?

Please stay away from these people. I was going to use the word business, but that does not describe what they are.

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