I was promised delivery last Sunday. It never arrived.

I checked the delivery notification and they got the spelling wrong. it was going to Lynee instead of Lynne. I spelled the name for the man four times.

I called customer service to complain. The young lady told me her son wasn't a good speller either. (Do I really care)? Then, she tried to console me by telling me the spelling wasn't really important. The retailer was now telling the customer what was, and wasn't, important!

Called again on the 4th for the status of delivery. When you press 2, they ask you to spell everything: your first name, your last name, your email address. I hung up. Flowers still hadn't been delivered.

Called again on Tuesday to halt delivery since recipient was now in a convalescence center. I was also told a supervisor would get back to me; the supervisor didn't.

Called Wednesday with the new address. Hoped my order of 6 yellow roses and 6 white roses would get delivered. They were. The recipient complimented me on the 12 yellow roses.

There were only two customer service reps who appeared intelligent, who could spell, and I felt confident speaking with. The others couldn't record it even when I spelled phonetically: Lima, yankee, november, november, echo.

Be prepared for all kind of service charges and delivery charge. My $59.00 arrangement came to $97 and change.

I ended up being grateful that the flowers were delivered.

Would I order from them again? Not a chance.

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