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Does anyone know how to shut them down? I'm out $89.54 and no flowers for my wife. Help!

Lets shut them down. Remove the website Flower Delivery Express.

They are criminals and scammers. I ordered flowers for my wife on Valentines Day and was promised delivery on that day. As of this writing, I am out 90 bucks and still have no flowers to give my wife. I will not let this rest. I plan on shutting down this company and pursuing criminal charges against Wesley Berry. There are thousands of consumers in the same position. This man has scammed the wrong person. I work hard for my money and will find Mr. Berry and press criminal charges through local authorities where he may be.

Monetary Loss: $90.

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I agree. My husband ordered tulips for valentine's day last year.

Not only was it LATE, but they were carnations and green "filler" stems.

Yes, we were out 90 bucks and there was no way to get a refund. Shady business.

Dallas, Texas, United States #1187221

Just scammed my self for $50 that was to be delivered today to my wife as well ... is my email ...

Please sign me up to take down this scam ... I'm furious and it's not about the money but the principal ...


I'm willing and having cancer I've got nothing but spare time laying around to participate in class action suit or whatever works.

619 414-4991

San Diego, California, United States #1147404

Yep they are a scam, credit card company called and fraud report made. Anyone interested in class action suit I'm in just in principle. My email

619 414-4991

Dallas, Texas, United States #1045503

This company scammed my aunt on a delivery to Oklahoma. My Aunt is out 60.00, and the bastards keep putting her on hold and hanging up on her saying no supervisior is available.

This is sad because we are dealing with cancer in our family and then they do this.

They are gonna find theirself in *** and I hope soon. BASTARDS!!!!


this is truly a scam I was trying to order from Coatesville flower shop and that sight popped up i'am out of $71, tried to stop payment but it was to late.

Scottsdale, Arizona, United States #914479

I made a BBB complaint, everyone else should to:

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #786331

Actual number to get their customer service is 1-866-937-5397. If it sends you to the automated system hang up and call back and a real person will answer.

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