Ordered from this website twice and fell for the same trick twice...never again....i don't care if you are desperate...this is the type of site that preys on people...they show you one product for a price and then jack the price up by at least 10% upon checkout....when the final product arrives, it is not ANYTHING like you saw on the internet and leaves you feeling SO CHEATED. I thought the first time was a mistake....the second time...i learned...this website is an absolute SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They earn a percentage off of you by shooting your info to florists in your area that may or may not be able to produce what you see in the picture....the florist then pays a percentage of the "referral" to this site in an effort to gain more business....the florist is then left with the decision to make a profit ie. cheap out on the flowers they deliver in order to cover their overhead from the percentage they pay to this site OR deliver a quality product in which case they LOSE money in order to cover the percentage they pay this website for advertisement and rights.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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